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Community power: why, how and what for?

Project Leader : Philgea - Moringa

Context and objectives

  • In the US, hundreds of cities (Brooklyn, Austin, Denver or Charlotte) are placing urban green energy at the frontline of the climate fight and community power as a mean of achieving their objective ;
  • The UK and Australia have respectively adopted a national Community Energy Strategy in 2014 and 2015 ;
  • In Japan, community power projects started to appear in the early 2000s, especially after the Fukushima nuclear disaster ;
  • In Europe, Denmark and Germany, the two community energy leaders, are now caught up by Austria, the UK, Sweden, Spain and others...
  • Although in a quite unevenly way across countries, this decentralised way of investing, generating, self-consuming, and /or supplying energy is booming, introducing new opportunities and challenges to the energy systems and, more specifically to the electricity market and distribution grids.

It is in this rapidly changing framework that this study proposes to analyze and compare different community power models.

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Executive summary
1-pdfCommunity power: why, how and what for?
How is France sitting compared to the leading countries? Final Report
1-pdfCommunity power: why, how and what for?
2019 Case studies report