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Call 2017

Call for proposals
    The Future of energy   
A scientific program in support
of a successful energy transition


 The Fondation Tuck is pleased to announce the publication of the 3rd Call for projects of its research program “The Future of Energy”.

Topics of the 2017 Call : 

  • Future of urban transportation systems for goods
  • Smart energy management systems: economics and selection criteria
  • Energy transition technologies: consumer expectations and citizen attitudes

A typical work program could include several parts such as:

  •  Current state of the art (eventually including main historical advents);
  •  Possible evolution paths or scenarios, based upon available literature and/or personal information;
  •  Original proposals / solutions;
  •  Future outlook: expert's view on most likely evolutions, long term benefits and threats.

The call is open to the academic research community as well as to other qualified parties (consultancies, NGOs, ....). Project duration is expected to be of the order of (several) months and funding requests should not exceed 50.000 Euros.

For more details on the call topics, on available funding and on the application procedure, please refer to the Call Document.

Application deadline:  February 17, 2017
If you envisage to apply, we would be pleased to receive a short, informal message at your earliest convenience.

Andreas Ehinger

Please do not hesitate to inform other possibly interested parties of this Call.

The program is made possible by donations from TOTAL and ENGIE. Other industry partners are invited to join the program, please contact us.

TOTAL                 ENGIE