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Local Energy integration in urban areas – Londres, Berlin, Paris

Project leader : Laboratoire OCS – Université Marne La Vallée

Lopez 2017 Executive summaryFigure 1. King’s Cross chantier en cours, 2017.
Crédits=© Alexandre Bouton et Fanny Lopez

Energy objects, long confined to peri-urban or peripheral spaces, are making a striking return in the urban zone.[1] On the European scale, the energy transition is being accompanied by an infrastructural mutation: different renewable energy production initiatives are redefining urban territories and their related socio-technical geography. Decentralisation projects involved in energy and/or heat production are multiplying. For a time limited and marginalised to the small scale of home or community, energy autonomy has reached the city and the field of academic studies. The objective of this research is to shed light on the issues and the spatial effects of energy production strategies that aim at self-sufficiency and/or local autonomy in 3 dense urban area : Berlin, Paris, London. 

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École d’architecture de la ville & des territoires


[1] Lopez Fanny, “Les monuments de la transition énergétique” in Beltran Alain (ed.), Mondes électriques, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2016.