Courriel Impression

2013 Dissemination and networking activities

  • The industrial task group within the EFCE working party on "Thermodynamics and Transport Properties" has lead to a publication related to the industrial needs on thermodynamic models. The topic of multifunctional bio-originating molecules is clearly mentioned as a priority.
  • The French working party "Thermodynamique et procédés" de la SFGP, organizes two thematic days every year. The december 2012 issue was held at IFPEN invited by the chair on the subject "Thermodynamique et bio-procédés". It was the occasion to define a number of new developments that need to be the focus of future research (multi-scale, complex mixtures, predictive models)
  • A european seminar, jointly organized by the french SFGP, the Eoropean Federation of Chemical Engineers (EFCE) et Dechema, InMoTher (2012), was the first issue of the Industrial Use of Thermodynamics (IUT) workshops. It has been summarized, including the round table discussion in a special issue of OGST.


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