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Small technical systems : new infrastructure of daily life ?

Project leader : LIAT - Laboratoire Infrastructure Architecture Territoire

It’s a comparative analysis on 13 european projects that relocate (at different scales) some services loop (water, heat, cooling, biomass, electricity). This research showed that the infrastructural transition drives, through a new service management, a new territorial and urban organization. We examined the spatial implications of this relocation. The reorganization of these urban services favors a new hierarchy of the technical systems and the governance. Network operators (historic or emergent) innovate. In close collaboration with the persons in charge of the energy and urban planning, they appear as key actors of the physical renewal of territories. This change of scale associated with eco-systematic restructuring raises the question of the development of new networks-spaces and modifies the entire chain process, from the production, to traditional systems of governance and management.                                                                     read more


Barcelone, le centre de traitement des déchets est intégré. Au-delà d’un simple habillage, il s’agit ici de s’appuyer sur les infrastructures existantes pour en optimiser les rendements, en assumant une proximité qui permet de rapprocher les lieux de production des lieux de consommation.

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