Courriel Impression

Année 2013


An optimal regulation strategy with disturbance rejection for energy management of hybrid electric vehicles

B Sampathnarayanan, S Onori, S Yurkovich

Automatica, online, 2013.

On optimality and stability of optimal energy management of HEV.

Keywords: Optimal control; Optimal power flow; Nonlinear control systems; Hybrid vehicles; Energy management systems; Stability analysis; Disturbance rejection.



[PDF] 3WCC temperature integration in a gasoline-HEV optimal energy management strategy

P Michel, A Charlet, G Colin, Y Chamaillard, C Nouillant, G Bloch

Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2014.

Optimal thermal management.

Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicle; Energy management strategy; Pollutant emissions; Optimal control; PMP.



Power Management Optimization of Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid Vehicles with Experimental Validation

F Odeim, J Roes, L Wülbeck, A Heinzel

Journal of Power Sources, 252:333-343, 2013.

Energy management of a FCHEV with a battery and a supercapacitor

Keywords: Fuel cell hybrid vehicle; Power management strategy; Optimization; Pontryagin's minimum principle; Fuzzy control; Experimental validation.



Model Predictive Control for the Power-Split between Supercapacitor and Battery for Automotive Applications

A Santucci, A Sorniotti, C Lekakou

IEEE Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC), 2013.

Energy management of a through-the-road parallel HEV with an HESS.

Keywords: Battery powered vehicles; Energy management Systems; Hybrid electric vehicles; Power dividers; Predictive control; Supercapacitors.



Guaranteeing safety for heavy duty vehicle platooning: Safe set computations and experimental evaluations

A Alam, A Gattami, KH Johansson, CJ Tomlin

Control Engineering Practice, 24:33-41, 2014.

Optimal control of safety distance between two communicating vehicles.

Keywords : Heavy duty vehicle; Platooning; Game theory; Safety analysis; Vehicle-to-vehicle communication; Adaptive cruise control.



Benefits of a Double Parallel 4-Wheel-Drive HEV for Different Driving Cycles

T Letrouve, A Bouscayrol, W Lhomme, N Dollinger

IEEE Conf. on Vehicle Power and Propulsion (VPPC), 2013.

Energetic Macroscopic Representation of PSA Hybrid4 architecture.

Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicle; PSA Peugeot Citroën architecture; Double parallel 4-wheel-drive HEV; Driving cycles; Energetic macroscopic representation; Hybrid electric vehicle; Systematic control deduction.


[PDF] Control strategies for high-power electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel

P García, JP Torreglosa, LM Fernández, F Jurado

Expert Systems with Applications, 2013

Energy management of a FCHEV with a battery and a supercapacitor

Keywords: Fuel cell; Energy storage system; Energy management system; Electric vehicle.



[PDF] Efficient upper and lower bounds for global mixed-integer optimal control

S Sager, M Claeys, F Messine

Optimization Online preprint

Application to optimal driving of an electric vehicle.

Keywords: Mixed-integer optimal control; Global optimal control; Maximum principle; Method of moments; Energy consumption; Electrical car.



Online Energy Management for a Power-Split Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Dynamic Programming and Neural Networks

Z Chen, C Mi, J Xu, X Gong, C You

IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, online, 2013.

Energy management of HEV with neural network modules trained on DP results.

Keywords: Battery; Dynamic Programming; Neural Network; Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle; State of Charge; Trip Length and Duration.



[PDF] Eco-Driving in Urban Traffic Networks using Traffic Signal Information

G De Nunzio, CC De Wit, P Moulin, D Di Domenico

Proc. Of the 52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2013), 2013.

Optimization of speed profiles with traffic light constraints.

Keywords: Energy minimization; Velocity planning; Traffic lights; Graph.



Approximate Pontryagin's minimum principle applied to the energy management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

C Hou, M Ouyang, L Xu, H Wang

Applied Energy, 115:174-189, 2014.

SHM-like technique.

Keywords: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle; Energy management; Pontryagin’s minimum principle; Piecewise approximation.



Optimal battery dimensioning and control of a CVT PHEV powertrain

N Murgovski, L Johannesson, B Egardt

IEEE Trans. On Vehicular Technology, online, 2013.

Optimal dimensioning and energy management for PHEV.

Keywords: Battery Sizing; Convex Optimization; Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Power Management.



[PDF] Real CO2 emissions benefits and end user's operating costs of a plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

F Millo, L Rolando, R Fuso, F Mallamo

Applied Energy 14:563-571, 2014.

Energy management for PHEVs.

Keywords: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle; CO2 emissions; Energy cost.



[PDF] The possibility for energy regeneration by electrification in Swedish car driving

LH Kullingsjö, S Karlsson

Proc. of the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS27), 2013.

Statistical investigation on the regenerative braking potential.

Keywords: Regenerative braking, GPS, Sweden, Electrification.



[PDF] Energy Management and Driving Strategy for In-Wheel Motor Electric Ground Vehicles with Terrain Profile Preview

Y Chen, X Li, C Wiet, J Wang

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 99:online, 2013.

Coupling of energy management and speed profile optimization.

Keywords: Energy management; Driving strategy; Dynamic programming; Electric ground vehicle; In-wheel motor; Model predictive control; Terrain preview.



Optimal Energy Management in a Dual-Storage Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicle using Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Programming

SM Ansarey M, M Shariatpanahi, H Ziarati, MJ Mahjoob

Journal of Power Sources, 250:359-371, 2013.

Energy management of a FCHEV with a battery and a supercapacitor.

Keywords: Energy management; Fuel-cell hybrid vehicle; Dual-storage system; Optimal control; Multi-dimensional dynamic programming.



Stability enhancement and fuel economy of the 4-wheel-drive hybrid electric vehicles by optimal tyre force distribution

A Goodarzi, M Mohammadi

Vehicle System Dynamics, online, 2013

Multi-level energy management of 4WD.

Keywords: hybrid electric vehicle, vehicle dynamic control, energy management system, regeneration, fuel consumption.



[PDF] Fuel Efficient Speed Profiles for Finite Time Gear Shift with Multi-Phase Optimization

X Llamas, L Eriksson, C Sundström

Proc. Of the 54th SIMS conference, 2013.

Calculation of optimal speed profiles.

Keywords: Dynamic Programming, Simulation, Eco-driving.



[PDF] Control: A Perspective⋆

KJ Åstrom, PR Kumarb

Preprint submitted to Automatica.

General position paper on automatic control.

Keywords: Feedback, control, computing, communication, theory, applications.



[PDF] Optimal Control of a Mechanical Hybrid Powertrain with Cold Start Conditions

K van Berkel, W Klemm, T Hofman, B Vroemen, et al.

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 99:online, 2013.

Optimal thermal management.

Keywords: Energy management ; Cold start; Flywheel; Hybrid powertrain; Optimal control.



Optimal control of the transient emissions and the fuel efficiency of a diesel hybrid electric vehicle

Y Wang, H Zhang, Z Sun

Proc. of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, online, 2013

Two-level optimal energy management.

Keywords: Hybrid vehicles; Engine control systems; Engine emission control; Fuel efficiency/ economy; Engine modelling/ simulation.



[PDF] An Optimization Framework for Comparative Analysis of Multiple Vehicle Powertrains

G Mohan, F Assadian, S Longo

Energies, 6:5507-5537, 2013

Parametric and topology optimization of a PHEV.

Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicle; Modular powertrain structure; Genetic algorithm; Powertrain optimization.



[PDF] Real-Time Optimal Energy Management of Heavy Duty Hybrid Electric Vehicles

D Zhao, R Stobart

SAE International Journal of Alternative Powertrains, 2:369-378, 2013.

Fuzzy ECMS (F-ECMS) compared with T-ECMS.



[PDF] On Thermal and State-of-Charge Balancing using Cascaded Multi-level Converters

F Altaf, L Johannesson, B Egardt

Journal of Power Electronics, 13(4), 569-583, 2013

Optimal balancing of battery cells.

Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicles, Multi-level converter, Batteries, Cell balancing, Thermal balancing, Convex optimization.



[PDF] Simulation of an electric transportation system at The Ohio State University

G De Filippo, V Marano, R Sioshansi

Submitted to Applied Energy, 2014

Energy consumption of electric transportation systems.

Keywords: Electric vehicle, bus, charging infrastructure, queuing model.



Performance investigation of a hybrid renewable power generation and storage system using systemic power management models

D Giaouris, AI Papadopoulos, C Ziogou, D Ipsakis et al.

Energy, 61 :621-635, 2013.

Energy management for energy systems.

Keywords : Power generation systems; Hydrogen storage; Renewable energy sources; Power management strategies; Standalone systems; Microgrids



Enhanced fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle power sharing method based on fuel cost and mass estimation

K Maalej, S Kelouwani, K Agbossou, Y Dubé

Journal of Power Sources, 248:668-678, 2014.

Energy management coupled with eco-driving for an FCHV.

Keywords: Electric vehicle; Energy efficiency; Energy management; Fuel cell; Nonlinear optimal control; Vehicle dynamics.



[PDF] A Model-Based Approach for Predicting the Remaining Driving Range in Electric Vehicles

JA Oliva, C Weihrauch, T Bertram

Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2013, online.

Estimation of the remaining driving range.

Keywords: EV, battery modeling.



Prolonging Fuel Cell Stack Lifetime Based on Pontryagin's Minimum Principle in Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles and Its Economic Influence Evaluation

CH Zheng, GQ Xu, YI Park, WS Lim, SW Cha

Journal of Power Sources, 248:533-544, 2014.

Energy management minimizing fuel consumption and fuel cell aging.

Keywords: Pontryagin's Minimum Principle-based power management strategy; Fuel cell hybrid vehicle; Fuel cell stack lifetime; Economic influence evaluation.



A Branch and Bound algorithm for minimizing the energy consumption of an electrical vehicle

A Merakeb, F Messine, M Aidène

4OR, online, 2013

Energy management coupled with eco-driving for an EV.

Keywords: Discretization techniques; Optimal control; Discrete switch control; Branch-and-Bound, Electrical vehicle; Energy consumption.



[PDF] CO2 Impact of Intelligent Plug-in Vehicles


WSEAS Trans. on Environment and Development, 9(3):240-252, 2013.

On the use of equivalent fuel consumption.

Keywords: PHEV, drive profile prediction.



An adaptive strategy for Li-ion battery internal state estimation

D Di Domenico, E Prada, Y Creff

Control Engineering Practice, in press, 2013.

EKF for battery cell state estimation.

Keywords: Battery, SOC estimation.



[PDF] xEV Simulator


Chalmers Univ. Tech., M.Sc. thesis, 2013.

Propulsion systems modeling.

Keywords: EV, modeling.



Understanding the fuel savings potential from deploying hybrid cars in China

S Saxena, A Phadke, A Gopal

Applied Energy, 113:1127-1133, 2014.

Cites HEV optimal control.

Keywords: HEV, simulation and assessment.



Design methodology of component design environment for PHEV

C Ma, SY Ko, KY Jeong, HS Kim

International Journal of Automotive Technology, 14(5): 785-795, 2013.

Includes GM Volt modeling.

Keywords: PHEV, modeling.



An Explicit Model Predictive Control Framework for Turbocharged Diesel Engines

D Zhao, C Liu, R Stobart, J Deng, E Winward, G Dong

IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, in press, 2013.

Keywords: Diesel engines, MPC control.



[PDF] Energieoptimale Längsführung von Kraftfahrzeugen durch Einsatz vorausschauender Fahrstrategien

T Radke

Karlsruhe Inst. Tech., Ph.D. thesis, 2013.

Optimization of speed and gear profile.

Keywords: ICEV, optimal drive.



Acceleration Control for a Plug-in Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle

ZY Chen, Y Yang, GY Zhao, XJ Li

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 380-384: 499-503, 2013.

Optimization of speed and gear profile.

Keywords: HEV, drivability control.



[PDF] Optimering av bränsleförbrukning för hybridaelektriska fordon: Optimization of Fuel Consumption in Hybrid ElectricVehicles

F Båberg, F Dahl

Royal Inst. Tech. Stockholm, M.Sc. thesis, 2013.

Concurrent optimization of fuel consumption and a driver satisfaction index.

Keywords: HEV, optimal drive.



Performance investigation of linear and nonlinear controls for a fuel cell/supercapacitor hybrid power plant

P Thounthong, P Tricoli, B Davat

International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 54:454-464, 2014.

Cites energy management.

Keywords: FCHEV, DC bus control.