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Année 2014


[PDF] Design and Evaluation of Energy Management using Map-Based ECMS for the PHEV Benchmark

M Sivertsson, L Eriksson

Oil & Gas Science and Technology, online, 2014

Work that has win the ECOSM 2012 benchmark on PHEV energy management, supported by the Fondation Tuck.



Cloud-Based Velocity Profile Optimization for Everyday Driving: A Dynamic-Programming-Based Solution

E Ozatay, S Onori, J Wollaeger, U Ozguner, G Rizzoni, D Filev, J Michelini, S Di Cairano

IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, online, 2014

Use of a distinct computing platform to compute optimal speed profiles via DP.

Keywords: Cloud computing; Dynamic programming; Fuel economy; Intelligent transportation systems; Optimal control.



Reducing Soot Emissions in a Diesel Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle using a Power Rate Constraint Map

Y Kim, A Salvi, A Stefanopoulou, T Ersal

IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, online, 2014

Soot emission reduction problem as an optimization problem.

Keywords: Batteries; Engines; Fuel economy; Generators; Optimization; System-on-chip; Vehicles.



An investigation on the fuel savings potential of hybrid hydraulic refuse collection vehicles

FA Bender, T Bosse, O Sawodny

Waste Management 34(9) :1577-1583, 2014

Modeling and simulation of a hydraulic hybrid.

Keywords: Refuse collection vehicle; Fuel consumption; Hybrid hydraulic vehicle; Waste transportation.



[PDF] Sensitivity Analyses for Cross-Coupled Parameters in Automotive Powertrain Optimization

P Othaganont, F Assadian, D Auger

Energies, 7 :3733-3747, 2014

Engine use of the Mean Tractive Force concept.

Keywords: Hybrid and electric vehicles; Sensitivity analysis; Powertrain optimization.



[PDF] Analytic Solutions to the Dynamic Programming sub-problem in Hybrid Vehicle Energy Management

V Larsson, L Johannesson, B Egardt

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2014

Reduction of DP computation times with a semi-analytical approach.



[PDF] BEV Powertrain Component Sizing With Respect to Performance, Energy Consumption and Driving Patterns

E Grunditz

Chalmers Univ. Thesis, 2014

Scaled models and expert sizing rules.



Impact of hilly road profile on optimal energy management strategy for FCHEV with various battery sizes

J Han, Y Park, D Kum, S Ryu, Y Park

SAE Paper 2013-01-2542, 2013

Study using DP with varying altitude profiles.



Hardware-in-the-loop validation of a power management strategy for hybrid powertrains

Y Kim, A Salvi, JB Siegel, ZS Filipi, AG Stefanopoulou, T Ersal

Control Engineering Practice, 29:277-286, 2014

Engine-in-the-loop test of the FDPD energy management strategy.

Keywords: Hardware-in-the-loop simulation; Power management; Hybrid electric vehicles; Optimization; Validation.



Longevity-conscious dimensioning and power management of the hybrid energy storage system in a fuel cell hybrid electric bus

X Hu, L Johannesson, N Murgovski, B Egardt

Applied Energy, online, 2014

Convex optimization with battery SOH model.

Keywords: Hybrid energy storage system; Electrified vehicle; Component sizing; Energy management; Battery health; Convex optimization.



[PDF] Review and Comparison of Power Management Approaches for Hybrid Vehicles with Focus on Hydraulic Drives

MA Karbaschian, D Söffker

Energies, 7 :3512-3536, 2014

Tutorial paper on energy management strategies.

Keywords: Hybrid vehicle; Power management; Optimization; Energy management; Hydraulic hybrid; Electric hybrid.



Optimal adaptation of equivalent factor of equivalent consumption minimization strategy for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles under active state inequality constraints

J Han, Y Park, D Kum

Journal of Power Sources, 267(1):491-502, 2014

ECMS taking into account state constraints.

Keywords: Energy management strategy; Equivalent consumption minimization strategy; Equivalent factor adaptation; State inequality constraint; Dynamic programming; Fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle.



[PDF] Generation of Equivalent Driving Cycles Using Markov Chains and Mean Tractive Force Components⋆

P Nyberg, E Frisk, L Nielsen

IFAC World Congress, 2014

Use of the Mean Tractive Force concept.

Keywords: Drive cycle; Markov process; Vehicle excitation; Driver behavior; Vehicle propulsion;

Automotive emissions; Test procedures; Specific energy; Equivalence measures.



Optimum Design of a Fuel-Cell Powertrain Based on Multiple Design Criteria

IL Sarioglu, B Czapnik, E Bostanci, OP Klein, H Schröder, F Küçükay

Journal of Power Sources, online, 2014

Optimal design with scalable component models and a heuristic energy management.

Keywords: Fuel cell; Powertrain; Design; Hybrid; Multiobjective; Optimization.



Real-World Robustness for Hybrid Vehicle Optimal Energy Management Strategies Incorporating Drivability Metrics

D Opila, X Wang, R McGee, B Gillespie, J Cook, JW Grizzle

Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control 136(6), 061011, 2014

Use of shortest path SDP respecting constraints on drivetrain activity while minimizing fuel consumption.

Keywords: Control equipment, Cycles; Fuel efficiency; Vehicles; Engines; Robustness; Design.



[PDF] Equivalent Consumption Minimization Strategy for the Control of Real Driving NOx Emissions of a Diesel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

T Nüesch, A Cerofolini, G Mancini, N Cavina, C Onder

Energies, 7: 3148-3178, 2014

ECMS with pollutant emissions and real-time adapted weighting factors.

Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV); Energy management; Real-driving emissions.



ECMS Controller Robustness in Flex-Fuel Hybrid Vehicles

C Manzie, O Grondin, A Sciarretta, G Zito

Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, 136(6) 064504, 2014

Robustness of ECMS to engine map error caused by incorrect fuel assumptions.



Modeling and Simulation of a Series Hybrid CNG Vehicle

B Alzuwayer, M Abdelhamid, P Pisu, P Giovenco, et al.

SAE Int. J. Alt. Power, 3(1):20-29, 2014 (SAE Paper 2014-01-1802

System simulation incorporating ECMS.

Keywords: Simulation and modeling; compressed natural gas; Hybrid engines.



A Framework for Optimization of the Traction Motor Design Based on the Series-HEV System Level Goals

A Ivanco, K Zhou, H Hofmann, Z Filipi

SAE Paper 2014-01-1801

Optimal design of the electric machine using system-level simulation.

Keywords: Motor in-wheel drives; Military vehicles and equipment; Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).



[PDF] Integrated Energy and Emission Management for Diesel Engines with Waste Heat Recovery Using Dynamic Models

F Willems, F Kupper, G Rascanu, E Feru

Oil & Gas Science and technology, online, 2014

IPC strategy optimizing a CO2-NOx tradeoff with a WHR system.



Receding horizon real-time energy management strategy for hybrid vehicles

B de Jager, T van Keulen

Proc. of the ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 2013

Combined indirect optimal control and dynamic programming.



A Robust H2 Consumption Minimization Based Energy Management Strategy for a Fuel Cell Hybrid Emergency Power System of More Electric Aircraft

M Njoya, LA Dessaint, K Al-Haddad

IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, 61(11): 6148-6156

An alternative to ECMS for MEAs.

Keywords: DC-DC power converters; Aircraft power systems; Energy consumption; Energy management systems; Fuel cells; Minimization.



[PDF] Energy Management Strategies for Diesel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

O Grondin, L Thibault, C Quérel

Oil & Gas Science and Technology, online, 2014

ECMS with an out-of-engine emission cost function.



PMP-based power management strategy for two-state variable FCHV systems and its optimality

C Zheng, G Xu, SW Cha, Y Park, W Lim

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, 15(4): 769-776, 2014

PMP including a temperature state.

Keywords: Fuel cell hybrid vehicle, Optimality; Pontryagin’s minimum principle; Power management strategy; Two-state variable system.



Supervisory Power Management Control Algorithms for Hybrid Electric Vehicles: A Survey

AA Malikopoulos

IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, online, 2014.

Survey for parallel, series, and power split HEVs and PHEVs.

Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs); Plug-in HEVs (PHEVs); Supervisory power management control algorithms.



Power Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles based on Pareto Optimal Maps

AT Zaremba, C Soto, M Shakiba-herfeh, M Jennings

SAE Int. J. Alt. Power, 3(1):56-63, 2014 (SAE Paper 2014-01-1820)

Map-based implementation of the PMP method.

Keywords: Electronic control systems; Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).



A Study on How to Utilize Hilly Road Information in Equivalent Consumption Minimization Strategy of FCHEVs

J Han, Y Park, D Kum, S Ryu

SAE Int. J. Alt. Power, 3(1):72-77, 2014 (SAE Paper 2014-01-1827)

Altitude-sensitive ECMS with costate adaptation inspired by dynamic programming results.

Keywords: Energy consumption; Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV); Fuel cellv ehicles (FCV).



Development of Energy Management Strategies for Heavy Mobile Machinery

A Lajunen

Proc. of the ASME 2013 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, 2013

Energy management of a series hybrid mining loader.

Keywords: Machinery.



Lumped-Parameter Modeling of an Automotive Air Conditioning System for Energy Optimization and Management

Q Zhang, M Canova

Proc. of the ASME 2013 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, 2013

Energy management including air conditioning system.

Keywords: Air conditioning; Modeling; Optimization.



Optimal Control of Diesel Engines with Waste Heat Recovery System

F Willems, MCF Donkers, F Kupper

Optimization and Optimal Control in Automotive Systems, p. 237-253

Energy management including WHR dynamics.



Stochastic Fuel Efficient Optimal Control of Vehicle Speed

K McDonough, I Kolmanovsky, D Filev, S Szwabowski, D Yanakiev, J Michelini

Optimization and Optimal Control in Automotive Systems, p. 147-162

In-traffic driving and fuel-efficient lead vehicle with SDP.



Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Management With Battery Thermal Considerations Using Multi-Rate Dynamic Programming

R Johri, W Liang, R McGee

ASME 2013 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, 2013

Energy management optimization with battery thermal constraints.

Keywords: Dynamic programming; Hybrid electric vehicles; Batteries.



Topology Optimization of Hybrid Power Trains

T Hofman, M Steinbuch

Optimization and Optimal Control in Automotive Systems, p. 181-198

Bi-level (nested) optimization of powertrain topology and energy management.



Model-Based Optimal Energy Management Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

S Onori

Optimization and Optimal Control in Automotive Systems, p. 199-218

Optimization of energy management over an infinite time horizon.



Applications of Computational Optimal Control to Vehicle Dynamics

J Deur, M Coric, J Kasac, F Assadian, D Hrovat

Optimization and Optimal Control in Automotive Systems, p. 131-146

Optimization of active steering control.



Optimal Energy Management of Automotive Battery Systems Including Thermal Dynamics and Aging

A Sciarretta, D di Domenico, P Pognant-Gros, G Zito

Optimization and Optimal Control in Automotive Systems, p. 219-236

With a temperature-dependent battery aging model and two-state optimization.



Electromobility Studies Based on Convex Optimization: Design and Control Issues Regarding Vehicle Electrification

B Egardt, N Murgovski, M Pourabdollah

IEEE Control Systems Magazine 34(2):32-49, 2014

Simultaneous optimization of powertrain design and control.

Keywords: Air pollution control; Convex programming; Energy conservation; Fossil fuels; Hybrid electric vehicles; Power transmission; Renewable energy sources; Road vehicles.



Insight into the HEV/PHEV optimal control solution based on a new tuning method

C Guardiola, B Pla, S Onori, G Rizzoni

Control Engineering Practice, online, 2014

On the PMP and the ECMS.

Keywords: HEV; PHEV; Hybrid electrical vehicle; Range extender; Energy management; Optimal control.



A comprehensive study of electric propulsion system for vehicular application

L Kumar, S Jain

Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 6, 2014

With a section on power flow control and management.



Impact of hilly road information on fuel economy of FCHEV based on parameterization of hilly roads

J Han, D Kum, Y Park

International Journal of Automotive Technology 15(2):283-290, 2014

A study on the improvements in fuel economy obtained when future altitude information is available.

Keywords: Optimal energy management strategy; Fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle; Hilly road information; Hilly road profile; Fuel economy improvement; Dynamic programming; A-ECMS.



[PDF] An Equivalent Emission Minimization Strategy for Causal Optimal Control of Diesel Engines

S Zentner, J Asprion, C Onder, L Guzzella

Energies 7:1230-1250, 2014

A new approach for the minimization of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions (EEMS).

Keywords: Optimization; Fuel consumption; NOx; Soot; Particulate matter; Pollutant; Trade-off; Driving cycle; Operating strategy; Model-predictive control.



Optimal energy management for an electric vehicle in eco-driving applications

W Dib, A Chasse, P Moulin, A Sciarretta, G Corde

Control Engineering Practice, online, 2014

Energy-efficient urban driving as an optimal control problem.

Keywords: Eco-driving; Optimal control; Electrical vehicle.



[PDF] Convex Optimization for the Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Considering Engine Start and Gearshift Costs

P Elbert, M Flankl, C Onder, L Guzzella

Energies 7 :834-856, 2014

HEV energy management with combined DP and convex optimization.

Keywords: HEV; Energy management; Convex optimization.



Urban Bus Fleet Conversion to Hybrid Fuel Cell Optimal Powertrains

P Melo, J Ribau, C Silva

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 111:692-701, 2014

Optimal sizing of FCHEV.

Keywords: Fleet conversion; Fuel cell; Optimization; Real driving cycles; Urban bus.



Real-time Optimization for Power Management Systems of a Battery/Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System in Electric Vehicles

M Choi, J Lee, S Seo

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, online, 2013

Energy management of HESS.

Keywords: Battery; Convex optimization; Hybrid energy storage; Power management; Real-time control; Supercapacitor.



Optimal control of a parallel hybrid vehicle with a traffic preview

TS Kim, C Manzie, R Sharma

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, online, 2014

Concurrent eco-driving and energy management of a parallel HEV.



[PDF] Optimal Design of a Hydro-Mechanical Transmission Power Split Hybrid Hydraulic Bus

MI Ramdan

Univ. of Minnesota, Ph.D. Thesis, 2013

Keywords: Energy analysis in drive cycle; Drivetrain sizing; HMT operating modes; Drivetrain modeling; Optimal control strategy;



Optimal energy management for a diesel hybrid electric vehicle considering transient PM and quasi-static NOx emissions

T Nüesch, M Wang, P Isenegger, CH Onder, R Steiner, P Macri-Lassus, L Guzzella

Control Engineering Practice, online, 2014

Two-state optimal energy management of diesel HEV.

Keywords: Energy management; Hybrid electric vehicle; Diesel engine; Particulate matter; Nitrogen oxide (NOx).



Power Split Strategies for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Vehicular Applications

A Santucci, A Sorniotti, C Lekakou

Journal of Power Sources 258:395-407, 2014

Aging-based optimal energy management of HESS.

Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicle; Battery; Supercapacitor; Model predictive control; Rule-based control; Dynamic programming.



Engine On/Off Control for the Energy Management of a Serial Hybrid Electric Bus via Convex Optimization

P Elbert, T Nuesch, A Ritter, N Murgovski, L Guzzella

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, online, 2013

Concurrent HEV energy management and optimal sizing.

Keywords: Hybrid vehicles; Convex optimization; Energy management; Sizing.



Energy optimal real-time navigation system: Application to a hybrid electrical vehicle

T Jurik, A Cela, R Hamouche, A Reama, R Natowicz, SI Niculescu, C Villedieu, D Pachetau

Proc. of the 16th Int. IEEE Conf. on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), 2013

Concurrent energy-optimal navigation and energy management of a double-source EV.

Keywords: Energy conservation; Hybrid electric vehicles; Mobile computing; Road traffic; Traffic information systems



Predictive fuel efficiency optimization using traffic light timings and fuel consumption model

T Guan, CW Frey

Proc. of the 16th Int. IEEE Conf. on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), 2013

Predictive eco-driving strategies aware of traffic light timings.

Keywords: Dynamic programming; Energy conservation; Energy consumption; Power transmission (mechanical); Road traffic; Road vehicles.



[PDF] Noncausal and causal optimization strategies for hybrid electric vehicles

P Elbert

ETH Zurich, Ph.D. Thesis, 2014

Optimal design and energy management of HEV.

Keywords: Advanced dynamic programming; Convex optimization; Stochastic dynamic programming; Predictive energy management.



Mechanical Energy Recovery from Low Grade Thermal Energy Sources

R Cipollone, G Bianchi, D Di Battista, G Contaldi, S Murgia

Energy Procedia, 45:121-130, 2014

ORC-based waste heat recovery for stationary applications.

Keywords: Sliding vane rotary expander; Waste heat recovery; ORC; Positive displacement machine; R236fa.



A Real Time Energy Management Strategy for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles based on Optimal Control Theory

L Tribioli, M Barbieri, R Capata, E Sciubba, E Jannelli, G Bella

Energy Procedia, 45 :949-958, 2014

Energy management of PHEV.

Keywords : Energy management; Plug-in; Rule-based; Pontryagin's Minimum Principle; Optimal control.



A stochastic method for the energy management in hybrid electric vehicles

F Payri, C Guardiola, B Pla, D Blanco-Rodriguez

Control Engineering Practice, online, 2014

Stochastic adaptive ECMS.

Keywords: Energy management; Hybrid vehicles; Optimal control; Stochastic control.



Model based Design and Optimization of a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

R Cipollone, D Di Battista, M Marchionni, C Villante

Energy Procedia, 45:71-80, 2014.

FCHEV propulsion system.

Keywords : Hybrid electric vehicle; Fuel cell vehicle; Regenerative braking system; Braking modelling



Design of a power-split hybrid electric vehicle control system utilizing a rule-based controller and an equivalent consumption minimization strategy

B Skugor, J Deur, M Cipek, D Pavkovic

Proc. of the IMechE, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, online, 2014.

Energy management of power-split HEV.




Comparison of Three Electrochemical Energy Buffers Applied to a Hybrid Bus Powertrain With Simultaneous Optimal Sizing and Energy Management

X Hu, N Murgovski, LM Johannesson, B Egardt

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, online, 2014.

Convex optimization for ESS and HEV architecture selection.

Keywords: Convex optimization; Electrified vehicle; Energy management Strategy; Energy storage; Optimal sizing.



[PDF] Development of a Route Identification and Energy Management Optimisation System for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

A Furberg

Univ. Chalmers, Master’s Thesis

Optimal drive mode selection of PHEV.

Keywords: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle; Optimal control; Dynamic programming; Route identification.




FM Santiciolli, E dos Santos Costa, JJ Eckert et al.

Proc. of the 22nd Int. Congress of Mechanical Engineering (COBEM), 2013.

Genetic algorithms for gear shifting maps.

Keywords: Gear shifting strategy; Fuel consumption; Traffic performance; Longitudinal vehicular dynamics; Brazilian popular automobile.



[PDF] Entwicklung einer Methode zur Optimierung von Betriebsstrategien für Nebenaggregate konventionell angetriebener Stadtbusse

F Steinert, IG Prokop

TU Dresden, Doctoral Thesis

Optimal energy management for auxiliaries of ICE powertrains.

Keywords: Accessories.



[PDF] Dynamic modeling of ORC for a vehicle exhaust waste heat recovery system

M Elias

University of Lisbon

Modeling of Rankine systems.

Keywords: Rankine cycle; Waste heat recovery; Thermodynamic cycle modeling; Thermodynamic control.



Varying-domain Optimal Management Strategy for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Y Zhang, H Liu, Q Guo

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 63(2) :

Multi-objective energy management of parallel HEV.

Keywords: Fuzzy logic; Hybrid electric vehicles; Management strategy; Multiobjective; Varying-domain optimization.



A control benchmark on the energy management of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

A Sciarretta, L Serrao, PC Dewangan, P Tona et al.

Control Engineering Practice, online, 2014

Establishment and results of a control benchmark contest.

Keywords: Supervisory control; Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; Energy management; Optimal control; Rule-based control.



Torque Setpoint Tracking for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using Dynamic Input Allocation

S Cordiner, S Galeani, F Mecocci, V Mulone et al.

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, online, 2013

Dynamic coordination in HEV energy management.

Keywords: Dynamic input allocation; Hybrid electric vehicles; Hybrid powertrain control; Hybrid vehicle drivability; Multiple powertrain control; Redundant actuators.



Comparative analysis of forward-facing models vs backward-facing models in powertrain component sizing

G Mohan, F Assadian, S Longo

IET Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference 2013

ICE powertrain design.

Keywords: Automobiles; Clutches; Internal combustion engines; Powert transmission (mechanical); Air pollution control.