The Future of Energy

A scientific program in support of a successful energy transition

The multi-year research program "The Future of energy" is rooted in our profound conviction that the energy sector, including the transport and housing sectors, will undergo very significant changes during the coming decades. However, the pace, form and characteristics of these changes are highly uncertain. Reducing this uncertainty is of prime importance for both, public policies and industrial investments, in order to anticipate future evolutions, to possibly steer the change in desired directions and to avoid brutal disruptions that may put our societies in danger.

From year to year the program will choose different topics to be investigated. These topics and the associated findings will be the building blocks of a global, multisector, multi-disciplinary, systemic vision of the future of energy. The chosen topics will be publicised to the research community through competitive calls for proposals and proposals selected through an evaluation procedure will be funded by the foundation. The evaluation procedure will in particular involve a review of proposals by experts mandated by the program and the selection will be done by a dedicated selection committee.

"The Future of Energy" program is only made possible thanks to generous donations. The  program is supported by Total, Engie and  Renault and other companies are invited to join. If you or your company wish to contribute through a donation, please contact Andreas Ehinger.

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